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Postal Change of Address Features

  • Fast: Change your address in as little as 1 minute
  • Versatile: Notify up to 100 organizations in addition to the US Mailing
  • Secure: Latest encryption technologies ensures your address change is safe
  • Reduced Junk Mail & Junk Calls: Automated junk mail removal and do-not-call list membership
  • Plus:
    24x7 Monitoring of your address change with US Mailing
    Free US Mailing address change corrections
    Unlimited address changes for up to 3 months
We make changing your address easy. When you move, your mail be forwarded to your new address. The fee for this service is includes the $1.00 postal filing charge, and we will file your address change request with the postal authorities, save you time, notify up to 100 other organizations on your behalf, offer exclusive assistance not available from the postal authorities, and help you get the services you need, and in addition you will receive a FREE E-Book. This service is a private business entity that facilitates the address change request process for its users and is not affiliated with any government agency but does act as an authorized agent for those wishing to submit an address change filing.

Step 1:move type


Select Permanent if you have no plans to move back to your old address.


Select Temporary if you plan to move back to your old address.

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Your Change of Address Confirmation will be e-mailed to the above email address.

Step 2:Address information

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Please have a real estate professional contact me regarding my relocation.

Step 3:Move with


Select Individual if you are the only one moving.


Select Family if everyone in your household has the same last name and everyone is moving to the same new address.


Select Business if a business is moving.

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Step 4:Pick Your Services

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You'll be contacted for free assistance based on the products you choose below:

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Fast Address Change

The fastest service for postal change of address - your postal address change form will be submitted electronically for forwarding. It's the quickest, most secure, and most accurate address change service available.

Internet Payments

Disclaimer: This site and service is not affiliated with any government agency. The cost for this service includes processing for unlimited address changes for a single name or business within 3 months of your initial order as well as any processing fees for submitting an online change of address request. The fee also covers inclusion in optional junk-mail removal and do-not-call list subscriptions, plus processing of new orders for services such as television, broadband, and telephony services. In addition, the fee covers all processing of change of address notifications for additional organizations such as frequent flier programs, catalogs, magazines, insurance companies, newspapers, broadband, and telephone/cellular companies. This service is also provided for a fee to cover postage, handling and processing for notifying the postal authorities and several other organizations of your change of address. As an alternative, users may also go to the postal authority website or local postal office to have mail forwarded solely for free or little cost (the postal agency will not notify any other organizations for you, however). The site is a private business entity that facilitates and acts as an agent for the address change request process for its users and acts as an authorized agent for users wishing to file their address change request with the postal authorities. Please note that this service acts only as a facilitator and agent for your address change. However, the service will attempt to make every reasonable effort to notify the postal authorities of your address change and must rely on the customer's accuracy in providing correct address change information in order to process the change of address properly. Further, this does not guarantee that the postal authorities will properly process your address change, nor is our service liable in any way for such notification(s) and mail forwarding to be performed by the notified organization. All sales are guaranteed and a no-questions-asked refund is available if you are not satisfied with your order. This service submits and maintains your information for postal address change. Users submitting their change of address request may also be presented offers for commercial products and services related to the moving process. The accuracy of the information is the responsibility of the user.

Secure change of address form for US Mailing.

Address change form, quickly and easily for US Mailing.

Fast address change for US Mailing.

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